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Spring Seminar

Each spring, ACI organizes a seminar or a training course on a specific subject. This seminar allows you to deepen your knowledge on a specific subject and meet the various representatives of the industry.

For information on the next spring seminar, please visit the seminar registration page or contact Eric Bedard. In order to get a better idea of the topics that are dealt with during these seminars, you can consult the program of the seminars of the previous years:

Location Date Program
Webinaire Zoom 2020-09 Download
Montréal, Hôtel Intercontinental 2019-04-25 Download
Québec, Université Laval 2018-04-25 Download
Ottawa, Université d'Ottawa 2017-04-26 Download
Bécancour, Auberge Godefroye 2016-04-26 Download
Québec, Université Laval 2015-04-21 Download
Montréal, Alt Hôtel 2014-04-24 Download
Québec, Université Laval 2013-04-30 Download
Québec, Université Laval 2012-04-25 Download