Each year, this committee awards a Merit Award to one or more people involved in an innovative project in the field of concrete. You can send suggestions to the Local President and to the General Manager by clicking on the following link : Suggestions. Thank you !



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City of Varennes, accepted by Pierre-Luc Millette, Nicolas Charbonneau-Allard and Sébastien Roy of the City of Varennes. The ACC and ACI Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter wanted to highlight the work of the City of Varennes for the rehabilitation of the Baronnie Road in roll compacted concrete.


Company Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges, prize accepted by Mr. Andrei Breaban, Engineering Manager. The ACC and ACI Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter wanted to acknowledge the contribution of Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges for the successful use of large-scale experimental concrete mixes with which cracking and durability parameters were well controlled during the reconstruction of pillars 2E and 2W of the Champlain Bridge.



Mr. Elie Elhindy, Airport Infrastructure Engineer, Aéroports de Montréal. ACC and ACI Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter wanted to acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Elie Elhindy to the use of new technologies in the unsealed resurfacing of Runway 06D-24 G at Trudeau Airport in 2004 and runway 06-24 at Mirabel Airport in 2015. 2015
Claude Beaubien, Chief Engineer, Infrastructure Management, Montreal Port Authority. The ACC and ACI Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter wanted to acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Claude Beaubien for choosing solidification/soil stabilization and RCC coating for the redevelopment project Viau of the Port of Montreal. 2014
Denis Thébeau of the Pavement Department at the Quebec Ministry of Transport, for his contribution to developments in the field of concrete pavements including: continuous reinforced concrete, prefabricated slabs, resurfacing (white topping), longitudinal grooving, chemical stripping, shot blasting, grinding and the use of new cement. 2013
Mario Quintin, Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) for the use of recycled glass in concrete, in the form of aggregates and cement additives. For non-structural concretes used in the construction of SAQ, 70% of coarse aggregates came from recycled mixed glass and 20% from recycled mixed glass powder. 2012
Normand Roy, Équiterre, for the construction of the sustainable development house in Montreal, illustrating various uses of concrete to reach the highest level of the LEED construction system. 2011

Jean-Sébastien Dubé, professor at ETS, Éric Hardy from Qualitas Montérégie and Renée Gauthier, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Environment for the use of cement to solidify and stabilize contaminated soils.


Véronique Ellyson, architect, University of Sherbrooke. This award was presented to Mrs. Ellyson for the experimental use of certain concrete in the construction of the new structural laboratory of the Université de Sherbrooke.


Réal Lestage, architect. This award was presented to Mr. Lestage for the harmonious use of white concrete in landscaping: terrace and furniture on the terrace of the Promenade Samuel de Champlain in Quebec City. Construction carried out as part of the 400th anniversary of Quebec City.

Mr. Alan Kennard, Canadian Tire Corp. Toronto. Organization of the work and scope of the project. Construction of a 93,300 m.c. handling slab for the Coteau du Lac distribution center. 2007

Groupe Tremca of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu for the development of an anti-noise wall based on absorbent concrete.


Architects firm L'OEUF. "The Office of Urban and Functional Eclectism" for his project: Greening the Benny's Farm Infrastructure in Notre-Dame de Grâce, Montreal.


Hydro Quebec and S.E.B.J., for the importance and the quality of the concrete structures, realized so far, in hydroelectric projects.


Paul Laberge, Tunnels and Viaducts Division, City of Montreal, Jarry-Quebec viaduct self-levelling concrete.


André Campeau, City of Montreal Laboratory, Jarry-Quebec viaduct, self-levelling concrete.


Mailhot, Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc., deck of Jacques Cartier Bridge.


Bernard Breault, SNC Lavalin, Jacques Cartier Bridge deck.


Anne Marie Leclerc, Transports Québec, Quebec Roads Committee.


Paul André Fournier, Transports Québec, continuous paving A-13.


Richard Morin, City of Montreal Laboratory, specifications and tessellations in RCC.


Louis Crépeau, Tredec Consulting Group, building in insulating formwork (ETS).


Roger Daudelin, Carrière St-Dominique, pavements in RCC.


Michel Pigeon, Laval University, recycling of asphalt concrete streets.


Marc Charlebois, ACI International Congress in Montreal in 1995.


Serge Vézina, SNC Lavalin, Molson Center.


Serge Meilleur, Polycrete, insulating formwork.


Adel Zaki, SNC Lavalin, bridge in HPC.


Louis-Georges Coulombe, Quebec Department of Transport, bridge in HPC.


Paul Renaud, Quebec Department of Transport, diamond grinding, paving.


Pierre Claude Aïtcin, University of Sherbrooke.