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Recognition Award

Each year, the ACI Board of Directors evaluates the possibility of awarding a Recognition Award to someone who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of cement concrete technology during his career. You can send suggestions to the Local President and the General Manager by clicking on the following link: Suggestions. Thank you !



Jacques Marchard, president and founder of Simco Technologies.


The 2020 Recognition Award was given to Benoit Fournier. Ing., Ph.D, professor in the department of geology and geological engineering at Laval University and expert, in particular, in the expansive reaction of aggregates in concrete (iron sulphides in aggregates and alkali-aggregate reaction). The award was presented to him for all his efforts and hard work over the past 30 years in the concrete industry, locally, nationally and internationally. He has, and is still very involved in international standards committees, but especially national (CSA). Thank you Benoit for all these accomplishments in concrete science!


Michel Pigeon, founder of the CRIB and former rector of Laval University.


Engineer in the field of concrete, emeritus researcher, valued collegue, the prize is given posthumously to Philippe Pinsonneault.


Pierre Lacroix has been serving the City of Montreal since 2003. Mr. Lacroix has been a member of the local for more than 25 years, during which time he was president twice. He is known for being a passionate, innovative and responsive person.


Awarded to all members of the local chapter for their participation in the various activities of the local chapter as well as for their involvement.


In 2015, the Board of Directors decided to award three "Recognition Awards" :

  • Gerry Ierfino, Lafarge Canada for more than 40 years
  • Marc Bouliane, 47 years in the concrete field (Miron et Ciment Québec)
  • Jean-Claude Leduc, Holcim - development of admixtures, cement and binders
Claude Bédard, President of Adjuvants Euclid Canada Inc. and Senior Vice President, Euclid Chemical Company. Mr. Claude Bédard has worked for many years at ACI, both locally and internationally. His constant motivation, improvement, development and sharing of knowledge in the field. 2014
Richard Morin has been serving the City of Montreal for 25 years. His peers recognize in him his rigour for quality, his sense of communication, his constant concern for the improvement of techniques and, finally, his consideration for taxpayers. He always has in mind the durability of the works defending certification, particularly that of the BNQ. 2013
Kamal H. Khayat from the Université de Sherbrooke. His main research focuses on the rheology and workability of cement grouts, mortars and concretes, the stability of fresh concrete, mechanical properties, viscoelastic and structural performance of special concretes. 2012
Louis Carol Duchesne, Director General of the ABQ, for his contribution to the development of concrete pavements and the promotion of the certification of ready-mixed concrete plants. 2011

Roger Daudelin, Careers St-Dominique for his long involvement in promoting the use of compacted concrete roll.


Pierre-Louis Maillard, Eng. Canadian Cement Association


Guy Roberge of Produits Chimiques Handy.


In 2007, the Executive Board decided to award two "2007 Recognition Awards" :

  • André Bisaillon, retiree and one of the founders of Concrete Laboratory Ltd - Groupe Qualitas.
  • Jean Bérard, geologist and retired professor at École Polytechnique de Montréal. He was the first Quebec researcher to focus on alkali-aggregate reactions in concrete.

In 2006, the Executive Board decided to award three "2006 Recognition Awards" :

  • George Cameron, Ciment Québec.
  • Yves Lapalme, Lafarge Canada.
  • François Lemaire, Demix Béton.


Jules Houde, Professor at École Polytechnique de Montréal.


Jacques Beaulieu, ing., Qualitas - Laboratoire de Béton ltée.


Marc André Bérubé, Geology professor at Université Laval.


Maurice Marcil, Treasurer-Secretary of the ACI Local.


Daniel Vézina, Transports Québec, use of new technologies.


Pierre-Claude Aïtcin, Université de Sherbrooke.


Mohan Malhotra, CANMET, founding member.


Gilbert Haddad, Terratech, member for more than 30 years.